Saturday, September 29, 2007

America as an Occupied Country

How much longer must we tolerate this idiot-king?


  1. This week's lesson from Myanmar/Burma is that no one will liberate us. We have to liberate ourselves.

  2. How long ?

    When the economy tanks, and it is just beginning to, his time will come to a screeching halt.

    By then though, we most likely will be in a state of emergency, and things will really get weird for a while.

    Combine that with a whole lot of other strange events, and America prepares for the crash test.

    Then with any luck our culture may change.

  3. Apparently until 9/9/08. Boris for President!

  4. You're always good for a hoot, M.D. And that was a good hoot!

  5. Boris, non-violence in Burma has been a bust. Is it time for Freedom-Fighters to foment terrorism? I mean, that's what we did in the event of the Spanish Civil War. Remember the Abraham Lincoln Brigade? Is it time to raise money, buy arms, and get it on? I mean China's never going to do squat other than squatting on their own little honey-pot of LNG, right?

  6. Virgil,

    Marxism-Leninism teaches that the masters never willingly relinquish their spoils from class warfare.

  7. Who Can Save Burma? Not the Technocrats, for sure. They're part of the problem.

  8. While Technocracy may seem to have similarities with some aspects of other programs that are currently used, it does not actually.

    It is a whole lot more creative, and is not based on Price System methods, as the ones listed in the case of Singapore or other Asian areas.

    Technocracy is designed for North America only. If it is adopted it would force the rest of the world into sustainability as best as that is possible.
    It would indeed pull the plug on Globalism, which is destroying the world currently.