Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Bush Has a "Secret Plan" for Iraq

In order to save his legacy . . .
He has to save his occupation of Iraq long enough to hang ending it around the neck of a Democratic President.

Endless this Occupation!

Instead, Bush and Cheney need to be made to eat their occupation of Iraq before they are excused from our table on 20 January 2009.


  1. It's crystal clear that Bush is titrating surges and cuts in troop strength in order to play politics. Policy is just an extension of politics. Rove is still present.

  2. It was done for economic and religious reasons only. Special Interest.
    That runs our system.
    Business as usual.
    Why not get at the actual underpinning cause of how the system works ?

    It can not be reformed.

    Political double-talk non-withstanding.

  3. When Hillary takes over from Bush and decides to stay in Iraq, public opposition to the war will EXPLODE.