Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Afghanistan: And Another Republican Hits the Dust In the Moonscape...!

Former Republican Gov. and ex-presidential candidate Mike Huckabee became one of the most high-profile Republicans to express skepticism with the war in Afghanistan, telling reporters on Wednesday that he sees no "end game" in sight, has no confidence in President Hamid Karzai, thinks the country looks "like the surface of the moon" and believes the time has come for an honest, non-political conversation about the next steps.

Huckabee said at an afternoon talk organized by the Christian Science Monitor,

I don't know what to do next.

I don't think any of us know exactly. We are there.

The question is, I'm asking people, 'Tell me, what is it we do to say we are done? Help me to understand that because I'm not sure.'

.... My doubts about Afghanistan happen from being there in January 2006. And when I say my doubts I believe our military is capable of doing whatever they are assigned to do given the resources to do it. But I came away from that experience wondering: What does the end game look like here? I can't see a conclusion.

.... You go to Afghanistan, you look around and you say, 'My gosh, am I in a country or on the surface of the moon? You honestly could not see what it is that can happen here. You can't grow anything but poppies. The cash crop is essentially developing the basis of heroin for Europe... and the government is so incredibly and hopeless corrupt. And I don't see that changing any. I don't know of anyone who says 'what a great bunch of people we have over there, running the thing.' I mean we all, even our own administration, whether it is Bush or Obama, kind of throws up their hands and thinks that the Karzai government is mindlessly corrupt.
It's Quicksandistan, Mike. Whatsa' matter? Don't want any part of being President until we're out?


  1. Huck has always had a singular problem, and it always bites him in the ass somewhere along the way.

    Most Rushpubliscum pols are pathological liars, cynics who play the rubes in order to win the game. Huck also plays the rubes, but Huck does it from an honest belief system, rather than from cynicism. That's why he will do things like suggest compassion for those filthy brown people and suggest that maybe we shouldn't be at war all the time. And it is also why his candidacy is as doomed this time as it was last time. He'd have done much better to suggest nuking the place off of the planet.

  2. What Jolly Roger said, it was funny watching Coulter go rabid on Hucks ass one late night as I was channel surfing. Say what you will about Huck, he believes the shit he says and I would shake his hand if I ever met him.

    But I wouldn't ever vote for him.

  3. Well,

    He's outtatherenow.

    As they only want true believers.

    As I believe he knows.


    P.S. I don't shake hands with people all too pleased to destroy our economic system.

  4. I'd spit in his putrid face. He's nothing but a liar, do anything politician. Recent proof of that is when he said Obama grew up in Kenya with His Kenyan Father... and it went on for a few minutes. He didn't misspeak. This man of the clothe has no soul. He left it at Burger King. Gee I sound angry, must be hungry for some KFC. lol

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