Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Watch This Space: Russ Feingold's New PAC!

Overthrowing our Dictatorship of the Corporatariat
Russ Feingold is teaching law school at Marquette University and writing a book on foreign policy. In his spare time he has launched Progressives United, a PAC aimed at mitigating the effects of, and eventually overturning, the Supreme Court's infamous Citizens United decision that opened the floodgates to corporate spending in the U.S. electoral system. This PAC will engage in online mobilization, support for progressive candidates at the local, state and national levels, and hold the media and elected officials accountable on the group's key priorities.

Feingold Says:

In my view -- and the view of many people -- it's one of the most lawless decisions in the history of our country. The idea of allowing corporations to have unlimited influence on our democracy is very dangerous, obviously. That's exactly what it does ... Things were like this 100 years ago in the United States, with the huge corporate and business power of the oil companies and others. But this time it's like the Gilded Age on steroids.
I have signed on but could not get very far because their file-server has been overwhelmed with other Progressives flooding into the site.

I'll be back for more.


  1. I must admit I have never paid as close attention to Government as I have since Bush's election and raping of the country, our rights, and the Constitution.

    That move by the misnamed Supreme justices to give our country to corporations completing this corporatocracy might have been the worst offense.

  2. It is great to see that one of our finest ex-Senators has not given up the fight and will continue his activism!

  3. I totally agree with "Gilded age on steroids."
    He just might run in 2012.

  4. He's a good man. Anybody who's willing to be the only vote in a 99-1 rendering is a flat-out hero (at least in this case), in my opinion.

  5. It's soooo great to see Sen. Feingold staying active in the progressive movement! With what's happening in Madison Wisconsin right now, he's never been more needed.
    give 'em hell, Russ!

  6. Citizen against Citizens UnitedFebruary 19, 2011 at 9:17 AM

    I read an analyses when the Berlin Wall came down that Aldous Huxley's Brave New World won out over Orwell's 1984. No repression, as in 1984, was needed, because people were so misinformed, disinformed and uninformed, that they stopped caring. I was shocked to see people immediately around me absolutely oblivious of the Supreme Court's ruling on Citizen's United and its implications. I think it's incumbent upon us to bring about awareness, starting with our friends and acquaintances. And now we have someone of prominence to lead the movement.