Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Obama Has Turned Me into a caveat lector Blogger.

Yes, that's
caveat lector:
let the reader beware.

A lot of developments have conspired to squelch my propensity to blog. But nothing, no one has stifled my pretensions as a pundit than Barack Obama. I'm glad he's POTUS, proud that I supported him from the beginning, and all that biz.

But I wanted, hoped, and expected so much more than what we got.

I was taken in. Above and beyond everything else, this embarrassment has all but silenced me. I got nuthin' left, Dear Readers.

Fool you once, shame on me; fool you twice, shame on you.


  1. And so it goes.
    New boss, same as the old boss.

  2. Sorry...but I know the feeling! I quit blogging about 2 months ago! Everything is complete now and you even have Obama meeting with the US Chamber and offering them "olive branches"

  3. Foreign policy wise we have OBushO

    Along with a taste of OreaganO.

    O will now set the table for a republican [think Jeb Bush] to enter in 2012.

    There is no way the economy will improve enough for him to win in 2012.

  4. Another friend of mine quit a few days ago. I must say I think about it from time to time. I'm sorry I voted for his punk ass. It's not like we had a great choice though. Not to mince words but I also think he's not much better than Bush. All that and Mike's right,2012 I'll vote for him again. Why? Cause he's all we got..damn it... I think we still need to find someone for the future. Start cultivating them now... 2016

  5. Obama has been a major disappointment to all with a progressive viewpoint. But the alternative facing us is unthinkable. For that reason alone, I must say "obama 2012." Let us hope for the best, 'cuz it can't get too much worse.

  6. This "hope for the best" has been tried.
    All you got was Obusho.
    We are in the midst of a slow suicide thanks to the Kleptocracy that rules America.
    Let the complete collapse begin.
    Both sides of the aisle are dysfunctional, and corrupt.
    They keep giving us the choice of partisan lesser of two evils.
    When in reality they are all the same.
    They select so we may elect.
    Their agenda continues, while we will now be introduced to Austerity Americana.

  7. R-Zone, thank you for your support. You have email.