Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's deja vu All Over Again

Which Republican aspirant for President said these words?
We have seen tax-and-tax spend-and-spend reach a fantastic total greater than in all the previous 170 years of our Republic.

Behind this plush curtain of tax and spend, three sinister spooks or ghosts are mixing poison for the American people. They are the shades of Mussolini, with his bureaucratic fascism; of Karl Marx, and his socialism; and of Lord Keynes, with his perpetual government spending, deficits, and inflation. And we added a new ideology of our own. That is government give-away programs….

If you want to see pure socialism mixed with give-away programs, take a look at socialized medicine.
No, I don't give answers here anymore; just the questions. Readers wanting the answers have to go here.


  1. I admit I cannot give actual evidence to the idea I'm about to share, it developed after many conversations with disgruntled old farts with one foot in the grave. Whats sad is that this is about the best hope I have for the United States

    I do not believe much of anything is going to change in this country until the majority of baby boomers and those older are dead. While many may have been liberal hippies in their youth the majority of the old, Fox watching farts have come to believe that they have their money, properity, and comfortable lifestyle and to Hell with everyone else.

    I've read several reports that the up and coming generations are increasingly liberal and concerned with their world and fellow human beings. Whether this is the case and if this commie-pinko groundswell will result in a more progressive, and advanced America later in the 21st century I have no idea. The alternative Beckian future is something I don't care to think about.

  2. Beach Bum, I have been saying this for years now. The Klanbaggers are a bunch of blue-haired bigots who constitute the most expensive entitlement generation any country, anywhere, ever produced.

    They love war, but they wouldn't serve in Vietnam. They love good roads, and prisons, and policemen, and the Armed Forces, but they don't want to pay a DIME for any of it.

    Saint Ronnie tapped very effectively into this entitlement mentality, and the MSM has been the champions of the Saint Ronnie philosophy ever since. Until these people get out of the way, nothing good is going to happen.

    I wrote them a love note awhile back. It's the most read post I ever wrote.